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Unexpected Benefits of Facial Waxing

You already know that facial waxing removes unwanted facial hair. That’s a given. But did you know that waxing your face could have benefits beyond that? Here are some benefits of facial waxing you may not be aware of.

A Thinner More Youthful Appearance

Even very tiny changes can sometimes have a dramatic effect. Such is the case with your eyebrows. Shaped correctly by means of facial waxing, your eyebrows can change the appearance of the shape of your face making it look thinner. They can also distract from any fine lines around the eyes giving you a more youthful look. 

Improves Skin Tone and Texture

Waxing provides gentle exfoliation in addition to removing unwanted hair. As the wax is removed from your face it takes with it the top layer of dead, dry skin to reveal the smoother more supple skin underneath. This layer of new skin also has a more even skin tone. Some waxes also contain skin nurturing and moisturizing ingredients to further improve skin tone and texture.

Slowed Hair Growth and Stubble-Free Skin

By removing hair at the root level with waxing you interrupt the growth cycle. This means that it will take weeks for the hair to grow back, unlike shaving which will regrow in a matter of hours to a day or two. With repeat waxing the hair follicle is weakened resulting in slower hair growth, which means even more time between sessions. 

Since the hair hasn’t been bluntly cut at the skin’s surface when it does start to regrow it will have a finer more natural appearance than the stubble you’d get from shaving.

Our waxing experts at Core Salon are here to assist you with all of your facial waxing needs. Let us give you a better hair removal experience and help you reap all the benefits a facial wax has to offer. Call us today for an appointment at 973.537.0229, or you can find us at 477 Route 10 in East Randolph. Download our free app from iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play to manage appointments from your mobile device.

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