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The Benefits of Waxing

When it comes to unwanted facial hair, there are a few different ways with which we choose to deal with it. Some women bleach, some women wax, and some women have even taken to shaving! In our opinion, waxing is the way to go!

Aside from helping you look and feel your best, waxing has other benefits as well. Here at Core Salon, we specialize in brow shaping, as well as lip and chin waxing. We’ve put together a list of the benefits of waxing to help you get the smooth results you’re looking for.

For starters, waxing can be an excellent exfoliant. While it doesn’t replace regular exfoliation, it does act as an exfoliant to remove the top layer of dead skin cells. The fresh layer of skin left behind is smooth and perfectly prepped to soak up those nourishing moisturizers you apply. This process will help you maintain a healthy, youthful glow, especially if you make waxing part of your regular routine.

Next, no stubble left behind! While shaving might be a bit more convenient because it’s quick and easy to do at home, it cuts the hair off at the surface of the skin, causing the blunt-edges left behind to grow back in the form of stubble. That is the last thing you want on your upper lip or chin! Waxing will remove the hair shaft entirely, so it grows back naturally with no stubble. Also, because the entire hair is removed, you can go up to two weeks between wax jobs! 

Finally, lower maintenance over time. Besides affording complete control over which hairs are waxed and which remain untouched, waxing also causes less hair to grow back. Waxing the same areas repeatedly will actually cause the follicle to stop producing hair over time. This is excellent news for those of us who grow hair in places we least want it, like the upper lip or chin. We recommend making hair removal by waxing a regular part of your beauty routine to ensure longer lasting results over time.

Are you ready to make perfectly shaped brows and hair-free skin a part of your self-care routine? The team here at Core Salon is ready to help you achieve the results you want. We are committed to making your salon experience as unique and memorable as you are. You can find us at 477 Route 10 in East Randolph, or give us a call at 973.537.0229. If you prefer, use our online booking tool, or our mobile app to instantly make the appointment that best suits your schedule. Download the app for free on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play

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