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Season Trending Hair Color

So, you've made the decision to update your hair color, but you’re not entirely sure how to choose the best new look? We know how daunting a task it can be to choose your next flattering shade, so why not leave it to the professionals? We here at Core Salon have gathered a list of some of our favorite hues that are currently trending to help get your creative juices flowing. Have a look, then come on in and let us know which one you can’t wait to try!

Coral copper: Red, coppery tones are still literal fire right now, but in order to update this look for summer, try this softer take on the trend. Combined with sun-kissed skin, the shade looks gorgeous and reminds us of carefree summer days. The look combines perfectly with gold tones, such as gold jewelry or a highlighter swept on the cheeks.

Beachy bronde: We wouldn’t exactly call this a new trend, but it is definitely gaining popularity as we head into the warmer months. This shade is a great way to go lighter without causing damage or requiring major upkeep. The highlights will act as an accent and give the hair dimension rather than an entire color change.

Nude hair: Unlike the warm tones of honey blondes or the pearl-like tint in cooler colors, neutral blondes blend several blonde shades for an all over "nude" look. This involves an an even amount of both warm and cool tones, which will cancel each other out to create a neutral color. Nude hair colors can be easily altered, from neutral to gold to ash and have the same level of lightness, yet a totally different look. 

Shadow roots: Whether you choose a deeper tone to dye your roots, or stick with your natural color, your stylist can add warm highlights to bring your hair into the new season. Shadow roots are popular because they add dimension with a side benefit of being super low maintenance.This trend is especially popular among blondes, but brunettes and redheads alike can embrace it successfully as well.

Are you ready to update your haircolor this season? Our professional stylists at Core Salon are ready to help you create new look. You can find us at 477 Route 10 in East Randolph, or give us a call at 973.537.0229. If you prefer, use our online booking tool, or our mobile app to instantly make the appointment that best suits your schedule. Download the app for free from iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play.

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