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How to Choose the Perfect Eyeshadow Color

Makeup is such a fun way to try out new looks. You can transform your appearance in just a few minutes and change it just as easily moments later. The most dramatic changes can be made with your eye makeup. Choosing the right color of eyeshadow for your eye color and skin tone is very important to help you get the most flattering results. 

Skin Tone

If the veins in your wrists appear blue or purple and your skin has undertones of blue, pink, or red then you have a cool skin tone. You should look for colors that also have a blue or purplish hue. If your skin is very fair you may want to avoid greys and opt for more sheer colors, as highly pigmented colors can be a bit overwhelming.

If the veins in your wrists appear green and your skin has undertones of yellow or olive, your skin tone is warm. You should choose warmer colors with a golden or orangish undertone. If your skin is dark, avoid colors that are white or ashy. Soft sheer shades may look dull or virtually invisible on dark skin, so opt for brighter colors.

If you can’t tell whether your veins are blue or green, you probably have neutral skin. Any color will look great with neutral skin. You only need to consider the brightness of the color, choosing a softer color for pale skin and brighter colors for dark skin.

Brown Eyes

When it comes to eyes, brown is the neutral color. Virtually any color will complement brown eyes, so choose colors that compliment your skin tone and go wild. You can really make your eyes pop with deep purple or bronzy gold.

Blue Eyes

To make blue eyes sparkle, choose colors on the opposite side of the color wheel. Terracotta and rich browns will really bring out those baby blues. Just remember to match the undertones of the shadow to your skin.

Green Eyes

If your eyes are green or hazel the contrasting color is red, which is not a very flattering color for the eyes. Red around the eyes make them look puffy and tired. So look for colors with a slightly pink or red hue like mahogany or eggplant.

Grey Eyes

Grey eyes are so beautiful and unique. This eye color is best paired with a shadow that enhances this stormy shade. Silver, steel, and icy blue are perfect colors to make grey eyes dazzle.

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