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How to Choose the Perfect Eyebrow Shape

How much thought have you given to the shape or your eyebrows? If you’re like most people, probably not much. Our eyebrows are an important facial feature that often doesn’t get the attention they should. Your eyebrows have the potential to influence the appearance of your facial features and choosing their shape wisely based on your face shape can really make a dramatic difference. We’ve put together some tips to help you choose the perfect eyebrow shape for your next waxing appointment. 

Know Your Face Shape

Diamond, oval, heart, square, and round are the five basic face shapes. Figuring out which shape your face is is the first step in determining your perfect eyebrow shape. 

Getting the shape right is very important as your brows help frame your face and the wrong shape will draw attention to the wrong features, leaving you looking out of balance.


A diamond face has strong angles with a wide set jaw. A curved brow will help to soften the wide-angled jawline. A high arch will have an elongating effect, while a low arch will make the face appear shorter.


Oval faces have balanced features that work well with virtually any look. A softly angled brow is especially flattering for an oval face. If you have an oval face you should avoid high arches to prevent your face from looking drawn out.


Choose a soft arch to take the focus off of the more pointed chin of a heart-shaped face. You’ll want to stay away from sharp or high arches that will emphasize the sharper angles.


If your face is square softly curved brows are the best choice to help soften harsh angles. Take your arch high to create the illusion of length. No angled arches for square faces. They will only make your face look even more squared.


The key with a round face is to stay away from rounded brows to avoid a ball-like look. High angled arches that are wide-set will add structure to your face and balance your features nicely. 

The waxing experts here at Core Salon are ready to help you determine your ideal brow shape to make sure they flatter your features perfectly. Contact us at 973.537.0229 today to schedule your next brow wax. You will find us at 477 Route 10 in East Randolph. Download our free app from iTunes or Google Play to schedule appointments from your mobile device.

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