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We know how it is, this time of year your social calendar is full of holiday engagements, and what better time to think about a change in your hairstyle? Here at Core Salon, we have exactly what you need to get a hot new look to carry you through this busy season. To help get an idea of what you might want to try next, we’ve gathered a list of the hottest trends in haircuts right now. Take a look and let us know which one has caught your eye!

Heavy bangs. Blunt bangs have been trending lately. The key is to style them with a little texture. This is the perfect way to create change without losing overall length. Adding full bangs will instantly change your style and keep you on trend without a lot of fuss.

Blunt, shoulder-length lob. The long bob is one of the most popular cuts in Hollywood right now, and for good reason. It is sophisticated, stylish, and offers body when styling, depending on your texture preference. The key is customizing the finish to your unique face structure. We recommend bringing ample photo inspiration to show your stylist what you're looking for, then work together to make the cut unique to your hair texture and face shape. 

The undercut. You've seen the undercut before, but the latest trend is buzzing smaller sections, which gives the look a more delicate feel. This smaller undercut is perfect for the person that wants more edge to their style without compromising length with a pixie or a bob. With this cut, you can keep your hair as long as you want, and the shape of the buzzed sideburns is still a little surprise that you can hide or flaunt as you wish. 

The 90s bob. Another hot cut right now is the sleek, short bob that falls somewhere between the cheekbones and the chin. It has a 90’s retro feel, but you can make the finish of-the-moment by adding glossy glass sleekness or amping up the texture with a parallel undercut. 

Long, internal layers. Not ready to chop it all off? This gorgeous style can offer the change you desire without committing to a major change. Sometimes called the “lion’s mane”, the key to this cut is the invisible layers. Long hair is always in style, but in order to keep it from being boring or falling too flat, you need to add texture. The layers should be cut long, but the key is to internally layer them, which creates all the gorgeous volume and movement.

Are you ready for a hot new look? If so, the team here at Core Salon is ready to help you achieve the hair of your dreams. We are committed to making your salon experience as unique and memorable as you are. You can find us at 477 Route 10 in East Randolph, or give us a call at 973.537.0229. If you prefer, use our online booking tool, or our mobile app to instantly make the appointment that best suits your schedule. Download the app for free from iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play.

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