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Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyles for Fall Weddings

If you’re planning a fall wedding, we have some gorgeous hairstyles to inspire you. The trend for bridal hairstyles for the fall has a bit of a Victorian flair. With their soft curls, these slightly messy yet elegant updos almost take you on a trip back through time to an era of sophisticated grace and beauty. 

Messy Bun with Braided Crown

If you don’t have natural curls you will start this style by curling your hair into soft spirals. Part two smaller sections of hair at the front on each side. Pin the back section into a loose messy crown at the nape of the neck, allowing the ends of some curls to peek out.  Loosely French braid the two side sections to the tops of the ears then continue braiding until the braid is long enough to reach the opposite side. Be sure and leave a few tendrils loose to frame the face. Cross the braids above the tuck and secure with pins, tucking in the ends of the braids. Weave strands of pearls into the braids as you go for a romantic touch.

Ultra Long Ponytail

Twisted up loosely and pinned on the top, this style ends in a long and flowing low pony with soft bouncy curls. Hair extensions can give added length and volume for a more dramatic effect. Ideally, the tip of the pony will come to rest well below the waistline. Some sprigs of baby’s breath or lavender clipped in among the curls will give it an even more feminine feel.

Gibson Roll with Autumn Embellishments

Section the front of your hair on the sides. Starting near the center of the forehead twist hair backward into a roll down each side of the face. Continue twisting each section until they meet in at the nape of the neck. Secure with an elastic. Roll the back section of hair around the ends of the twist to form a loose roll at the neckline and pin in place. Pull out small tendrils from the twists and roll and form soft curls. Add some bright fall flowers or foliage just above the roll in the back and a few small sprigs along the side rolls to finish.

The talented stylists at Core Salon are ready to help make your wedding hairstyle dreams a reality this fall for you and your entire wedding party. Contact us at 973.537.0229 today to schedule your consultation and bridal hair trial. You will find us at 477 Route 10 in East Randolph. Download our free app from iTunes or Google Play to schedule appointments from your mobile device.

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