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Go Green at the Salon with Refillable Shampoo & Conditioner

Pollution is a major concern throughout the world today. Everyone needs to do their part to reduce, reuse, and recycle everything we can. We now offer our customers a way to go green at the salon with our refill station.

Massive amounts of single-use plastic waste are piling up in our landfills, and the beauty industry is a major contributor. The most effective way to reduce this waste is by reusing and refilling any containers that we can and avoiding the purchase of single-use plastics whenever possible. But what do you do about shampoo and conditioner? You can’t refill those, or can you?

At Core Salon, we care about our planet, and we want to do our part to help you reduce your contributions to the landfill. That is why we have a refill station here at the salon. Our customers who purchase their shampoo and conditioner from us can now bring their empty bottles in to be refilled for 15% off the regular price. You’ll be saving money and the environment too.  We currently offer refills on Unite, Davines and EVO brands.

Small changes can make a huge impact. The average person uses about 10 bottles of shampoo and conditioner per year. If all of our customers would purchase 1 bottle of each and refill them throughout the year, just imagine the difference it could make. So reduce as much as possible, reuse what you can, and recycle anything you can’t. And when you have the chance, refill instead of purchasing a whole new item.

Stop by Core Salon today for your shampoo and conditioner refill, or to purchase a new bottle to get started in this program. You can find us at 477 Route 10 in East Randolph. Call us at  973.537.0229 with any questions or to schedule an appointment. If you prefer to manage appointments from your mobile device, download our free app from iTunes or Google Play.

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