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Go Blonde for the Summer at Core Salon

Thinking about going blonde? Bright blonde hair is a great choice for your summer style. Whether you’re new to blonde or want to get back to that bright, beautiful color you love, the expert colorists at Core Salon can help you find the right new color for your personal style. Here are some of our favorite shades of blonde we’re seeing trending this summer. 

Icy white. This is one of the most extreme blonde looks for the summer, and it’s all about the bright blonde look with the cool, shimmering icy white color you’ll love all summer. Blonde this extreme means your hair needs to be in its best possible condition, so your Core Salon stylist may recommend a series of deep conditioning treatments before taking the plunge. 

Yellow blonde. At the opposite end of the color scale, is warm yellow blonde which is also seeing a resurgence this year. Instead of going after the white of icy blonde, this choice gives you all-over golden hues that look incredible shining in the summer sun.

Mushroom blonde. A darker shade of blonde, this cool ash-like color comes into the silver/grey spectrum, but it’s neither silver nor grey in its tones. Mushroom blonde is a unique color that sits about halfway between blonde and brunette.

Toasted coconut. This fantastic summer shade is the perfect mix for the woman who wants it all. It’s a combination of dirty blonde with dark roots, creamy blonde highlights, and icy white tips that blend together into an enchanting summer color.

Champagne. Another mixed bag blonde color choice is champaign, which mixes warm and cool shades to form an interesting and beautiful multidimensional color. It’s all about the creamy blonde undertones mixed with cool platinum and ash for a unique color choice this summer. 

Toasted marshmallow. Most blonde color choices require a lot of touch-ups, but toasted marshmallow has a little less upkeep. Its dark undertones mixed with creamy highlights look just like a roasted marshmallow, but those same color combinations make it a color that grows out well and will look fantastic well beyond summer. 

Want to show off some new blonde locks for summer? Make an appointment today at Core Salon and let our expert colorists help you choose the right shade for you. Call us at 973.537.0229 today to schedule your hair color appointment. You will find us at 477 Route 10 in East Randolph. Download our free app from iTunes or Google Play to schedule appointments right from your mobile device. 


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