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Men’s haircuts are a completely different skillset than women’s hair. At Core Salon, our upscale barber experience caters to men with experienced barbers ready to give you a new hairstyle, a trim, or covering your grey hair. Here are some men’s hairstyle trends to help get you started with a fresh look for 2021.

Crew Cut. No this isn’t a new look, but it’s a timeless cut for those that desire a tidy, short haircut. We are seeing just a slightly longer cut and sculpted sides for 2021 but it’s the same well-ordered crew cut that we love. It’s for the man that wants an easy, low-maintenance look that can be dressed up in a suit or great for on-the-go weekend fun.

Fade with Versatility. If you’re a fan of short hair but want a different look, the fade is always a favorite. This cut lets you determine just how short you want to go with your look. A high fade is for short hair where the fade starts much higher above the ear, with the length so short there’s scalp showing. A mid fade is right in the middle with those wanting a short length haircut but with trendy aspects to it, giving you a style that is all your own. A low fade gives you a little more length, with the fade starting right above the ear.

An Undercut. This cut offers a lot of versatility when it comes to styling. The definite line of the line between the long hair on the top and shorter sides shaved gives this a high contrast look. You have a lot of styling options with this cut to make it into an immaculate pompadour for the office or leaving it more natural with a loose, modern fringe. This is one cut where your styling products help to define the look.

Mid-Length Fringe. If you don’t want to grow your hair out too much but still want the freedom to shape and style your hair, this cut is for you. With lots of texture and layers, it helps to define your personality that can show off your easygoing self, or with a little styling product, can give you a corporate look in a matter of minutes.

Long & Rugged. If you have long hair or want to grow yours out, your Core Salon barber can help you achieve this look. The end goal is to wear down and loose, or embracing the man bun style. You want at least 6 inches of length for a successful man bun. Come in every four to six weeks to trim the ends and keep the shape and style. Your barber can give you tips for which products to use to keep it loose yet stylish and how to do a man bun quickly and easily.

Embrace the Curls. If you have loose, natural curls or waves, keep your hair on the longer side this season. Natural hair is in for 2021so embrace your waves with an easy-care style that can go from casual weekend fun to a professional, soft look for the office.

Whether you choose a short style or start the year off with long hair, it’s important to keep regular appointments with your Core Salon barber to keep your split ends at bay and to look well-groomed. When you come in for your appointment, you will receive a consultation, shampoo, and relaxing scalp massage. Our stylists can also help you cover your gray.

Come see the barbers at Core Salon for a new look in the new year. Give us a call at 973.537.0229 today. You can find us at 477 Route 10 in East Randolph. Download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to manage appointments on the go.

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