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Cool Summer Styles for The Little Men in Your Life

Summer is approaching quickly and the weather will be rapidly heating up. Now’s the time to be thinking about summer hairstyles. Here are a few haircut ideas for warm weather that will help your son both look and feel cool.

Spiky High Fade and Design

If you’d like to allow your little guy to express himself, this style provides the perfect canvas. You can allow him to choose a design to be carved into the high tight fade. The longer top can be slicked back with some gel for a more formal affair, or some firm hold paste will hold up the spikes throughout his fun and active days.

Surfer Shag

If your little man prefers his hair a bit longer, a surfer shag will give him a relaxed style for summer. With its long piecey layers this is a nearly zero maintenance look. It’s a fun and lived-in look for active boys that can’t be bothered with taking time to style their hair. Just wash, comb, and go.

80s High Top

Does your son have a lot of natural texture? This could be the perfect style for him. A high top works with his natural texture with a long top that is brushed up and drop faded sides and back. It’s a retro cut with a more modern twist that’s easy for him to maintain and style.

Undercut With Long Hard Part Combover

Does he want the best of both worlds- length on the top to style with the feel of cool breezes around his neck? This is the cut for him! Hair is left long with a hard part. It’s easy to style into a classic combover with a bit of styling gel. You could also do a slicked-back look, a pompadour, or quiff with this cut. An undercut around the sides and back gives it a unique and cool look while allowing maximum airflow to keep him cool.

Come see the children’s hair care experts at Core Salon and get the little men in your life ready for the warmer weather ahead. From toddler to teenager our expert stylists have the training and skills to give your little guy the stylish and cool hairstyle he needs for summer. Contact us at 973.537.0229 or download our free app from iTunes or Google Play to schedule an appointment with your favorite stylist today. We’ll see you soon at 477 Route 10 in East Randolph.

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