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Balayage and Ombre- Are They the Same Thing?

One question we are asked often is, are balayage and ombre the same thing? They are not the same and it can be easy to mix up the two and ask for the wrong thing, leading to a hair coloring technique that looks different than what you had in mind. Today we will share the differences with you.

The Ombre Style

Ombre is a style. Ombre is the French word for shade. It denotes shaded tones making a gradual transition from a lighter shade to a darker one. The darker shade starts at the roots and slowly fades to a lighter shade at the tips. Ombre is similar to color blocking except that there is a more natural-looking transition between the colors with ombre versus the stark lines between the colors with color blocking. This style works wonderfully with brunette hair. Sombre is a more subtle version and is a better choice for blondes and redheads. 

The Balayage Technique

Balayage is the technique to achieve a beautiful natural looking ombre style. Balayage in French means to sweep or sweeping, which perfectly describes this hair coloring technique. When your stylist applies the color for your balayage they sweep the color through small sections of your hair giving it a natural transition to a lighter shade at the bottom. The roots and top are left darker to create a more natural look and add more dimension to your hair. The balayage technique results in a natural sun-kissed look with subtle highlights throughout the hair. This technique would be nearly impossible to do well on your own, so leave it to the experts.

If you are looking for the best in balayage or ombre, reserve your appointment today at Core Salon. Our professional stylists will use the latest techniques to give you the style of your dreams. You can find us at 477 Route 10 in East Randolph, or give us a call at 973.537.0229. Or download our free app from iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play to manage appointments on the go.

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