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4 Quick Hair Hacks for Hiding Roots

If it’s been a while since you’ve been to the salon, you are probably wondering what to do about those roots. The good news is that the rooted look is in right now, so if your color is just a few shades lighter than your natural hair, you don’t need to do anything. You’re already in the height of fashion. But, if your natural color is lighter, gray, or the color difference is more dramatic, grown out roots may look a bit odd. Here are 4 quick hair hacks that will help you hide those roots until you can get to the salon for professional hair color help.

Change Your Part

When you part your hair exactly the same every day, over time the roots flatten out. Lying flat makes them more noticeable. A new part will have more volume at the roots, and the added lift will help camouflage. If you just can’t bear to part it differently, blow dry the roots of your part in the opposite direction you want them to lay to gain that lift and volume. Another trick is to use the tip of a rattail comb to zigzag about 2-3 inches wide through the hair at the part from back to front. Once you get to the forehead, separate the hair to each side and smooth it out. Your roots will be completely hidden.

Apply Dry Shampoo

For darker roots, try applying some dry shampoo, only don’t brush it all out. The white powder will help give the roots a lighter appearance and make them less noticeable. The added bonus is that you won’t have to shampoo as often.

Grab a Root Concealer

Root concealer sprays come in a variety of colors and are so easy to use. Just spray it on, and it will last until your next shampoo. It’s a much safer option than trying to dye your roots yourself.

Try a Beachy Vibe

Beachy waves and texture draw attention away from dark roots. If you have natural waves all you need is a bit of salt spray. Apply to towel-dried hair and scrunch. For hair without natural curl, apply volumizing mousse to the roots and dry with a diffuser to create lift. Then use a large bore curling iron to create loose waves. Spritz with salt spray and tousle for that beachy vibe. Create your own DIY salt spray by adding 1 cup warm water, 1 tsp sea salt, and ½ tsp liquid coconut or argan oil to a spray bottle. Shake to combine and apply.

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