Core Salon honors a level pricing system. Stylist, Senior Stylist, Master Stylist, Advanced Stylist and Artistic Director

Services with a * may require a credit card while booking


(All color prices do not include cut or style)

Single Process Color

Our team has been thoroughly trained in the art of all color techniques. Let our color experts formulate your color customized to your liking.

Prices: S-$45+, SS-$55+, MS-$65+, AS-$75+, AD-$85+

Innocence Hair Color

Hypoallergenic hair color

Prices: S- $55+, SS- $65+, MS- $75+, AS- $85+, AD- $95+

Eslabondexx Hair Color

Has special bonding ingredients in the Eslabondexx Protection System that adhere to the hair and preserve its natural structure during the chemical process.

Prices: S- $55+, SS- $65+, MS- $75+, AS- $85+, AD- $95+

Color Balance / Refresh / Glaze

This service is added on to any single process color or highlight to balance your color from roots to ends. It also creates a lasting color protecting shine and enhances your overall color experience.

Prices: $20+

Spotlight Foil

CoreSalon-5This process is added on to any service to enhance any color creating more dimension with little commitment. It can also be used as a quick fix in between partial or full foils.  Pricing does not include a glaze or toner.

Prices: $40+

Partial Foil Highlight

This highlight technique is to enhance color with dimension to a the most visual partial portion of the hair.  Pricing does not include a glaze or toner.

Prices: S-$85+, SS-$95+, MS-$105+, AS-$115+, AD-$125+

Full Foil Highlight*

This highlight technique is to enhance your overall color with maximum dimension.  Pricing does not include a glaze or toner.

Prices: S-$105+, SS-$115+, MS-$125+, AS-$140+, AD-$150+

Balayage / Ombre*

This highlighting technique is designed for the creative at heart. Our stylists use a freehand technique to give depth and dimension for the perfect sun-kissed look.  Pricing does not include a glaze or toner.

Partial Balayage/ Ombre

Prices: S- $100+, SS- $110+, MS- $120+, AS- $130+, AD- $140+

Full Balayage/ Ombre

Prices: S- $140+, SS- $150+, MS- $160+, AS- $170+, AD- $180+

Creative Color*

Our styling team loves to have fun with fashion colors. We can create almost any look you want! Before booking your appointment there are some things we need you to know first.

  • 1. A consultation is required before booking the actual appointment. This helps the stylist decide how much time he or she needs with you.
  • 2. Bring lots of pictures of what you’re looking for during your consultation and be honest with what you’ve done to your hair in the past.
  • 3.Creative color appointments usually are very time consuming and at times may not be able to be booked day or even week of.
  • 4. Creative color at times can be hard to keep in the hair, especially if you aren’t buying the products that help maintain the color. Please be aware that if you’ve had a lot of color processes done to your hair in the past, creative color may take 2-3 appointments for the color to be exactly where you want it. Lastly, creative color can be a commitment. Depending on the color you’re looking to achieve, it may need to be refreshed at least once a month. We want you to be prepared so we can better style you! Any questions, feel free to ask any salon staff!

Based on consultation

Color for Men

This quick color fix is designed specifically for men. A few minutes at the sink will give you a color blend that will take years off your look.

Prices: S-$30+, SS-$35+, MS-$40+, AS-$45+, AD-$50+


Women’s Haircut and Blow Out

Prices: S-$40+, SS-$50+, MS-$60+, AS-$70+, AD-$80+

Men’s Haircut and Hot Towel

S-$25+, SS-$30+, MS-$35+, AS-$40+, AD-$50+


Boys and Girls 6 and  under

Prices: S- $25, SS- $28, MS- $30, AS- $33, AD- $36

Boys and Girls age 7 – 12

Prices: S- $25 / $35, SS- $28 / $38, MS- $30 / $40, AS- $33 / $43, AD- $40 / $50

Blow Out

Prices: $35+

Formal Style or Updo*

Prices: $75+


Deep Conditioning/Scalp Treatment

Core Salon has several deep conditioning treatments as well as scalp treatments. Our stylists are well educated in choosing the right treatment for your specific hair needs. (Does not include blow out or style).

Deep Conditioning Masks

Brilliance / Enrich

Price: $5+

Drench / Penetrait

Price: $10+

Keratin Complex / Luxe Oil

Price: $15+


Price: $20+

Tahe Gold Treatment

Price: $25+

Nioxin Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Treatment

Nioxin Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Treatment is an anti-aging treatment which helps to regenerate and revitalise the scalp. Acting like a facial for the scalp this exfoliating scalp treatment uses dermabrasion technology to remove build up around hair follicles. Nioxin Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Treatment works to effectively accelerate the regeneration of skin surface by up to 34% enabling hair to grow stronger and healthier. (Does not include blow out or style)

Prices: $30+

Keratin Express Blow Out

This smoothing service takes about an hour and leaves hair softer and silkier in texture for up to six weeks. This treatment is perfect for all hair types and can be washed 8 hours after the service.

Prices: $150+

Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment*

This smoothing service was created especially for frizzy, curly texture however is effective for all hair types. This treatment seals keratin into the cuticle to prevent frizz and curl reduction due to humidity. One treatment can last up to five months and requires 72 hours before your next shampoo.

Prices: $350+



Prices: S- $85+, SS- $95+, MS- $105+, AS- $115+, AD- $125+

Permanent Thermal Hair Straightening*

Based Upon Consultation


Make Up Application

Prices: $65+


Strips- $15

Individuals- $25

All prices are subject to change and are strictly at the discretion of the stylist

All prices will be discussed thoroughly during consultation

Prices may vary due to length and density of hair